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Multiple vendors

The city is our warehouse we will have all the vendors working with us to bring you ease.


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Many vendors operate 24/7 in the city, so why not have them also delivered to your doorstep!


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The products you love, with the prices you love more, we got in-store pricing on our platform.



Anything you want at any time. On-demand fulfillment services, with all deliveries under 1 hour.

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Work on your own schedule & get paid weekly, average payout $20-25/hr. Work available 24/7, 365 days!

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With the convenience economy increasing in demand every year, it requires more gig-economy independent contractors to work as partnered drivers to help complete the deliveries for our vendors and customers. Cloudamart drivers now have the ability to earn money on their own schedules, sign up now and start making money.

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What is Cloudamart?

 Cloudamart is an online marketplace & fulfillment service company, this platform connects the the customer with the vendors & our partnered drivers will deliver your products to you.

Where do you operate?

Currently in the Toronto Area, expecting to operate in Greater Toronto Area around mid 2020. Follow us on social media to stay updated.

How fast is your delivery?

Delivery is focused to be within 1 hour or less. However weather conditions, traffic and any unforereasons may impact the delivery time. 

How much is delivery charges?

Our platform calculates delivery charges with cart total and has two options for delivery, 1. Xpress & 2. Pool Delivery.

What is your hours of operations ?

 Cloudamart operates 24/7 & 365 days! However holidays may impact vendor closure. 

Who packs my products?

Our partnered vendors employees are trained to pack the best product for you and package it safely.

How does inventory work?

Our partnered vendors will update you on the app and provide you updates for any unavaible products before you place the order for checkout.

How does product pricing work?

All prices are charged to you at the same price as in-store prices. After checkout on the app, you will be billed according to the final in-store bill of sale which will charge your payment method on the app.

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